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Results of eBook and audiobook polls are in!

Curious about the results of last months eBook and audiobook polls???
Read on…and leave us a comment if you’re surprised, not surprised or just have more to say about new media.

  • 55% of you are not into eBooks – i.e. you’re not interested in them, and you wouldn’t use them even though they are available at the public library.
  • 25% of you own an eBook reader but still like to read paper books.
  • 15% of you would like to own an eReader and would like to see eBooks & eReaders at your public library (guess what? You can see them at your public library…keep reading)
  • 52% of you prefer reading books only and don’t listen to audiobooks
  • 24% of you like to listen to audiobooks and prefer to check them out of your public library (instead of buying them at a store or online)
  • 12% of you haven’t ever listened to an audiobook but are interested in trying them

DID YOU KNOW… Audiobooks and eBooks are available for download through your library website? Just go to and click on the Download menu for eBooks, audiobooks and podcasts! Have any questions? Ask your local librarian!

Thanks to all who participated in these polls! Stay tuned for future posts about audiobooks and eBooks.


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