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National Macaroon Day

Did you know? Today is National Macaroon Day!
I’m not the best of cooks, so I had no idea what made a macaroon a macarron and like any good person would do, I looked it up in Wikipedia.

The word macaroon is applied to a variety of light, baked confections, described as either small cakes or meringue-like cookies depending on their consistency. The original macaroon was a “small sweet cake consisting largely of ground almonds” similar to Italian amaretti.

The English word macaroon and French macaron come from the Italian maccarone or maccherone. This word is itself derived from ammaccare, meaning crush or beat, used here in reference to the almond paste which is the principal ingredient.

Most recipes call for egg whites (usually whipped to stiff peaks), with ground or powdered nuts, generally almond or coconut. Almost all call for sugar. Macaroons are commonly baked on edible rice paper placed on a baking tray.

Here’s the directions for Farm Macaroons on the site

This will make 48 cookies! Yum!


* 4 egg whites
* 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
* 1/4 teaspoon almond extract
* 1/8 teaspoon cream of tartar
* 1 1/4 cups white sugar
* 1/4 cup all-purpose flour
* 1/4 teaspoon salt
* 2 1/2 cups flaked coconut


1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C). Grease and flour cookie sheet.
2. In a medium bowl, beat egg whites, vanilla extract, almond extract, and cream of tartar until soft peaks form. Gradually beat in sugar, and whip until stiff. Toss together flour, salt, and coconut in a separate bowl; fold into egg whites. Drop by heaping tablespoonfuls onto the prepared cookie sheet.
3. Bake 18 to 20 minutes in the preheated oven, or until slightly golden. Allow cookies to cool on the baking sheet for easy removal.


Memorial Day

I hope everyone has a great and thoughtful Memorial Day. Even if you don’t know anyone who has served in the military, stop and spend a quiet minute and think about the thousands who have served and died.

I hope you spend your weekend surrounded by family and friends. If you can’t think of anything to do, why not go to one of the many Memorial Day parades that are going on throughout Rochester!

If you are thinking about stopping by the library, make sure you call ahead of time. Many of the libraries will be closed over the weekend and on Monday. If you’re from the Chili Library area, we’ll be closed. Please don’t miss me too much! 🙂

Check out all of our entries here.
A big thank you goes out the the Friends of the Chili Public Library for providing the awards and Wegmans for providing the refreshments.

16-18 year winners:

1st place:
Camilla by Julia Green from Pittsford

2nd place:
1940s by Michael Murtaugh from Spencerport

3rd place:
Graffiti Mania by Kayleigh Forger from Spencerport

Honorable Mentions:

Bass by Brendan Jaccarino from Brockport

Red Rose by Christian Ramirez from Rochester

Perspective by Miranda McGrath from Chili

Cathedral of Siena by Victoria Savka from Pittsford

Breath of Life by Rachel Cannon from Chili

Check out all of our entries here.
A big thank you goes out the the Friends of the Chili Public Library for providing the awards and Wegmans for providing the refreshments.

12-15 year winners:

1st place:
Snowy Day by Emma DiMarco of Pittsford
Snowy Day

2nd place:
Loving Nature by Mackenzie Carlson of Rochester

3rd place:
Love by Amelia Schneider of Chili

Honorable Mentions:

Black and White by Juliana Cole of Spencerport

Mask by Grace Kinton of Spencerport

Grand Niagara by Allison Larter of Chili

Morning Dew by Joella Schneider of Chili

Springtime Blossoms by Emma Corwin of Honeyoye Falls

Candy Sushi and Wasabi Pea Chopstick Competitions

For the final Penfield Public Library Anime Club of the year, we had two competitions. The first one was a contest to see who could pick up the most wasabi peas with chopsticks in one minute. Our winner, Gaia, picked up 50 peas! The second competition was a candy sushi making contest. Everyone paired up and received portions of marshmallows, Fruit by the Foot, Swedish fish, mini powdered donuts, strawberry jelly rolls, and gumdrop fruit in various colors. Chocolate sauce (which looked like soy sauce), Cool Whip and green food coloring (which resembled wasabi) and sprinkles (to look like fish eggs) were also provided. The teams had 20 minutes to create a plate of candy sushi that would be judged on it’s overall presentation. The young adult services librarian, Lyla, judged the sushi and had a hard time coming up with the winner. Eventually she chose the plate created by Nick and Paul as her favorite. Please enjoy these photos of the Anime Club. Anime Club at PPL will resume in September, and will take place on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 2:45-4:15 pm.

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Quiet Teen Study Time Space Available Tuesdays at BML!

From now until the end of the school year, stop into Brighton Memorial Library’s Learning Center between 2-6PM for a place to study alone or in pairs. Lots of open table space and WiFi!

Chili Library Photo Contest Reception!

Don’t forget! If you entered the photo contest (or you have a friend who did) come on in to our reception. The reception will be held at 2pm in our big meeting room. Some of the judges will be there to discuss their choices and we’ll hand out the awards. At the end PUNCH AND COOKIES! Come on in and show your support for our amazing photographers! You can see all the entries here.

Chili Library is located at 3333 Chili Ave Rochester NY 14624. If you have questions, call us at 889-2200.

Teen Poetry Contest Winners!

Announcing the winners in Penfield Public Library’s 33rd Annual Teen Poetry Contest! We received a lot of amazing entries- 345 to be exact! There were 205 in the sixth grade division, 52 in the 7th & 8th grade division, and 88 in the 9th-12th grade division. Thanks to everyone who entered, thanks to the talented judges who volunteered their time, and of course to the Friends of Penfield Public Library for providing the cash prizes!!

High School Division

  • First Place
    Hayley Van Dusen, School of the Arts
    “The Madness in Method”
  • Second Place
    Samantha Swan, Penfield High School
  • Third Place
    Jahmal B. Golden, School of the Arts

Seventh & Eighth Grade Division

  • First Place
    Allie Geoca, Bay Trail Middle School
  • Second Place
    Javier E. Perez, McQuaid Jesuit School
  • Third Place
    Peter Wood, Homeschooled in Penfield
    “How to Escape a Dragon”

Sixth Grade Division

  • First Place
    Vivian Yu, Barker Road Middle School
    “River of Life”
  • Second Place
    Michel Liu, Calkins Road Middle School
    “Summer Recipe”
  • Third Place
    Elliot Connors, Bay Trail Middle School


Read the poems here:
High School Division
First Place
Hayley Van Dusen, School of the Arts

The Madness in Method

Streetlights buzz with inspiration
And the frayed people come out in leather,
Treading the city like shades.
The trees in the park are crystallized with rain
And shadows outline alternate worlds
Under a sky
Tattooed with constellations.

Heads ache in harsh wind
And ruffled crows screech desperate prayers,
Only to be answered
With the grumbling
Of the deaf.
Rusted throats scratch and clear,
Cans are kicked aside,
Oxygen in consumer and released from worn lungs,
Coins are dropped and forgotten
As cars slowly exhale gray clouds
Through tailpipes.

The old fumble, worrying
About sins committed in youth.
Heated blankets and tea bags
Lay quiet behind brick walls,
Separated from the living,
Breathing, throbbing,
Pulsing animal…
The city in winter.
Snow peppers the hard, cobbled streets,
Filling the chipped cups of the homeless.
This place silently mourns the darkness.

With a nostalgic shake
I look at my father’s old snow globe
As the phantom city whirls
In bits of white.


High School Division
Second Place
Samantha Swan
Penfield High School


He sees her guilt:
The crease of crinkled wretched eyes
The wet folding palms like drowning lilies
Fetid past clutched in a choking throat

He sees the tears:
Unwanted guests with lambent tails
Incessant insects on the grey plane of her cheek
He scatters them with a gentle finger

He sees the scars:
Angry frowns on pale wrists
He kisses them with praying lips
Fighting demons with psalms

He sees her sleep:
Brow weighted with shadows
Lost inside a mind of fearful dreams
He rests a hand of benediction on her head

He sees her smile:
A bright, fleeting bird of summer
Flown away in winter
And he rejoices for what was, and what it will be


High School Division
Third Place
Jahmal B. Golden
School of the Arts


“…A little black girl who wanted to rise up out of the pit of her blackness and see the
world with blue eyes.” Toni Morrison

Beauty is suffering.
The thick white
dust of shattered porcelain
lies on the solid wood
boards of her bedroom.
It is all that she’s
forgotten of childhood
along with the white picket fence
of a counterfeit world
of bliss and pale faces
and azure eyes.
Her anthem is one of self hatred
And the yearning to lose
The dusky surface she’s inside.
Blindfolded she’s
Walking, head down,
Marked black and wrong,
Marching past
It’s raining.
She walks back to black
and her dim colored room.
In the mirror,
there’s a new porcelain doll,
not yet shattered.


Seventh & Eighth Grade Division
First Place
Allie Geoca, Bay Trail Middle School


Doubt is a villain who creeps close to ruin
victory that soars on butterfly’s wings.
Myst’ry that haunts the dark side of the moon;
it escapes when melancholy wolf sings.
Doubt lurks in the dark corners of one’s mind,
Waiting to pounce on a new piece of joy.
A lost toy waiting for someone to find,
or a sneaky thief, so clever and coy.
It’s an unwelcome weed in paradise;
A poisoned pest amongst fresh new flowers
Doubt has the strength to turn men into mice.
A vengeful spirit hoarding great powers.
Doubt makes one afraid to do what they dream;
‘twill forever lower our self-esteem.


Seventh & Eighth Grade Division
Second Place
Javier E. Perez, McQuaid Jesuit School


As the sun slowly sinks
And fades below the horizon,
The hills are set ablaze
By its bright and fiery light.

As the cool night breeze
Whips at my face
And ruffles my hair,
My thoughts turn to
Memories of the day
That has passed.

I roam across field
Enveloped in a soothing silence.

Minute by minute,
Hour by hour,
Step in step,
I am filled with a love for the night.

For my spirit wanders freely:
Unhindered and at liberty
In the vast serenity
Of the realm of the night.

At last the dawn comes,
Bringing with it the brightness of day,
Yet my soul yearns longingly
For the night to stay.


Seventh & Eighth Grade Division
Third Place
Peter Wood, Homeschooled in Penfield

How to Escape a Dragon

It’s not that hard to escape a dragon:
Just keep on running till his tail is laggin’.
There’s only one miniscule catch:
It’ll be a year till you’re on the home stretch.

If you don’t like that, never fear,
There’s another way besides run for a year.
You only need a magic sword
Which you can take from his large hoard.

The reason that he chases you
Might be that sword from his lair you drew.
If swords don’t work, then ask a wizard,
But he just might turn you to a lizard.

Another way may be quite hard:
Spread ground ahead of him with lard.
He’ll slip and fall and break his neck,
But that won’t be his final wreck.

If all else fails, but not before,
Explore the universe’s core.
It destroys the dragon, and also you,
But survivors will sing of the monster you slew.


Sixth Grade Division
First Place
Vivian Yu, Barker Road Middle School

River of Life

As water flows, it starts as life
Small if starts, a simple stream.
It flows peacefully, as a child
down in the park…
As water flows, it grows too,
Into a small river, its brick rough
Of waves, it’s rocky, swaying side to side
almost like a pinball, splash! It carries on dirt,
but no matter what’s in the river of life, it just keeps going.
The river of life carries on.
As water flows, it turns Grand.
A mighty river, full of pride; as large as life
It carries anything in its way,
People to new lands, and powering energy
It is relied for its greatness
But good or bad times, it carries on.
As water flows, it comes quieter
Into a delta…, then the ocean.
It’s journey is over, from stream to sea
only the winds move me
It has reached its homeland again.
Then its soul is carried up, to the clouds
As it comes back to earth as nothing but a raindrop.


Sixth Grade Division
Second Place
Michel Liu, Calkins Road Middle School

Summer Recipe

When you feel that
Winter’s bleak,
Fall’s a little chilly,
And Spring brings allergies,
You know it’s time to whip up some Summer!
Start by taking out a large yellow bowl.

Begin with a big cup of sunshine
Dump in some green and five cups o’ fun
Stir with a Popsicle – that’s the way to go!
Add in 2 cups of sugar for sweet, sweet days
Cover with clear blue skies.

At this time, check your pantry for dates
Play dates!
Pour the mixture into a blender with the play dates.
Taste mixture. Scrumptious!
Can’t be salty, has to be sweet! (Unless vacationing to the ocean!)

Back in the bowl.
Start stirring.
Toss in a ball! (Of any sport)
Pour in half a cup of sunscreen and grass stains
Put in many books to read.
Pop in an occasional vacation.
Put in a few seeds, so you’ll have strong trees to climb.

(Note: if any traces of school appear, remove promptly!)

Watermelons, lemonade, butterflies too,
Put in as many as you please!
Picnics, sprinklers, outdoor BBQs,
The joys of summer will never cease!

Almost done! Pour it all in a baking pan.
Bake at high temperatures
You’ll know it’s finished when it’s tan
Now cool with thunderstorms, ice cream, and
a splash of a pool.
Serve immediately, with friends.
Summer’s here!


Sixth Grade Division
Third Place
Elliot Connors, Bay Trail Middle School

I flew down the mountain
Slicing through the wind
With surprising
Sunburn covered my face
The whiplash my neck suffered
With almost too much to bear
Air seeped through my goggles
In my eyes stung
From the burning tears
I raced past
My father
Weaving through the trees
In, out
My edges dug into the ice
With a strong grip
I glided across the mountain
I began to turn again
My edge slipped
My skis popped out from under me
I was in the air
Eyes closed
Ready for impact
I fell to the ground
My eyes went black
I work up
Snow covered my goggles
Many eyes looked down
At me
I blinked rapidly
Where was I?
I began to roll around
In pain
And I realized
Now my heart
Pounded in my chest
My brain throbbed
In my skull
My breaths were short
And quick
My visions was fuzzy
I slowly
And cautiously
Sat up
I was pushed back down
By firm hands
For a man
Was encouraging me
To stay down
I looked into
The worried face
Of my father
“I’m fine,”
I croaked
And again
Lifted myseld
Off the ground
In began
To ski down
The mountain
Leaving behind
The murmurs
Of fellow skiers
And they spoke
In hushed tones
Of my fall
Snow sprayed up
Behind me
I crouched
Forming a
Racing tuck
I gained speed
A jump lay
Just ahead
I no longer turned
Just sped forward
Straight ahead
The jump sat under
My feet
My father
Shouted for me
To slow down
I blocked his
Shocked voice out
I lifted my skis
Off the ground
I was again
In the air
This was different
This was good
I was free
I hit the ground
With a thud
This time
On my feet
I began
To slow down
And skidded
To a stop
At the corner
Awaiting my dad
With a smile
On my face
Skiing can be
But the reward

Chili Library’s Junior Friends Newsletter

Our Junior Friends meet once a month and we were playing around with ideas for things we could do besides volunteering at the kids programs. One idea that got bounced around a couple times was a newsletter. I don’t know who thought of it (me) but I decided that it was a brilliant idea! 🙂 We decided on a template and then everyone chose different stories that they wanted to write.

Here’s our first issue!

Prepare yourselves… next month’s issue HORSES!

Erie Canalway Calendar Contest

Have a photographic eye and want to go out and get some exercise? Get both done at once and enter the Erie Canalway Calendar Contest!

Get Involved: Photo Contest and Calendar
Give us your best shot! Capture the beauty, history, activities, and character of the Erie, Cayuga-Seneca, Oswego, and Champlain Canals and their surrounding communities for 2010 Erie Canalway Photo Contest.

Winning entries will be featured in the 2011 Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor Calendar.

Contest Categories
First, second and third place photographs, as well as twelve honorable mentions, will be chosen in each of four contest categories:

  • Bridges, Buildings, and Locks-
    Distinctive architecture, engineering marvels, canal structures, historic Main Streets
  • On the Water-
    Water activities and scenes, e.g., boating, paddlings, tugs and barges, historic vessels
  • For the Fun of It-
    People having fun at canal-related events and activities, e.g., cycling the Erie Canalway Trail, fishing, picnicking, concerts, etc.
  • The Nature of the Canal-
    Landscapes, waterscapes, wildlife, plants, the beauty of the season

Contest deadline is September 9, 2010.