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Banned Books Week

I don’t know about your library, but in Chili, I was totally behind the times and I completely dropped the ball on this one. Banned Books Week is concluding tomorrow. Bummer. It runs September 24−October 1. If you haven’t talked about banned books in your English class, I would take a look at the American Library Association’s website of Banned/Challenged classics. Its quite fascinating. You can also check out banned books by year. Have you read any challenged books recently?


What’s Livingston squawking about?

Sorry Livingston, this bird’s got as much right to the books as you have.

Oh no, I think not. He’s hopping mad to get to the library so he can pick up books to take with him on vacation.

Do you think he’ll let me borrow his card?

Somehow by the look on his face, I think the answer is no.

Name:  Super Seymour

Bio:  Super Seymour lived in China as a celebrated spirit of wealth and fortune.  He was an avid thief, specializing in food and books.  He traveled to America, hearing that there was a surplus of both.  He made his headquarters in a small town known as Brockport, New York.  On a late night raid in the Brockport Seymour Library, he was discovered by a group of teen volunteers who were having an all-night sleepover.  He was welcomed to stay, which meant he could stop his thieving ways.  He only needed one thing, a library card.  He could borrow all of the books he wanted for free.  He even got his own iPhone, to download ebooks and to listen to his favorites, Eminem, Beastie Boys and Usher.  He’s perfectly happy living on the Mountain Dew, pizza crusts and Pocky leftover from teen programs.  He likes to hang out with his friends in the BRATS and the TLC.  The library teens liked him so much, they decided to make him their mascot, a position he will hold for the rest of eternity.

Who could this be?

Has Little Bunny Foo Foo gone rogue?

Sir Jeffrey Charles Blücher is a bunny from the town of Reading, located on Library Island.  He has size 10 feet and his best friend is a cat named Sir Reads-a-lot.  He loves to eat blueberry jelly, which gives him his brilliant color.  His favorite drink is Starbucks coffee.  He can often be found sitting in a giant comfy chair, playing Scrabble or reading. He is currently re-reading Harry Potter #7.

Who on earth is this?

And his friends seem sort of familar? Hmmm… maybe I should look it up in a book! Can I borrow yours?

Global, the Mascot of the Teen Space at the Phillis Wheatley Library
Name: Global
Library of Origin: Phillis Wheatley Library
Global doesn’t remember how the Phillis Wheatley Library came to be home.  For Global the decision stay as the mascot was easy. Teens come from all over Rochester, NY to use this Library and they love Global.  .  Their homes of origin are from all over the world.  ” I look like the world” says Global,  ”So I will stay and  represent you!”  Global always carries a favorite book and loves to be squeezed.

And who is this little one?

Why hello there little one! Who are you? Make sure not to get stuck in a rain storm! You might zap that cute hair of yours!

Highland Branch Library Mascot
Name:  Sampson
Bio:  Sampson was born with an eye defect where one eye was bigger than the other.  As a teenager, all the other robots made fun of him for being different.  So he begged his mom and dad to let him have surgery to fix his eye.  Unfortunately, he went to a doctor who didn’t speak robot, so instead of fixing the problem he made it worse.  So Sampson and his family came to Earth and ended up at the Highland Branch hoping to find new information about eye surgery and a new doctor.  While he was there he found a lot of great books he wanted to read and discovered that he could read longer and faster with his huge eye.  So he decided to keep his eye the way it was.
Favorite Books: Anything but Typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin and Spin: The Story of Michael Jackson by Sherry O’Keefe
Favorite Movie: I, Robot
Favorite Song: Mr. Roboto
Favorite Food: Nuts and bolts

Terrible news in Japan

I’m sure you’ve all heard about the tsunami in Japan. Its absolutely devastating. Here’s an article in BBC News with live coverage of how destructive and terrible it really is.

You can learn more about tsunamis on the website of the Office of Climate, Weather, and Water Services National Weather Service here.

Brian Jacques

I just found out that Brian Jacques, the author of the Redwall series, passed away on February 5th. There’s a ton of information about Mr. Jacques as well as a complete listing of all his books on his website.

You can get a complete list of his books available in Monroe County here.

Sending Love & Light to a YA Author

The lovely author, Lisa K. Madigan, of the amazing Mermaid’s Mirror and Morris-winning Flash Burnout is going through a tough time with her health. I know she’d love to hear from any fans of her books!

Here’s Lisa’s blog post.