This list was compiled by Stephanie A. Squicciarini,
Teen Services Librarian, Fairport Public Library.
November 2009

The Fashion-Forward Adventures of Imogene Series, Lisa Barham
Book 1: A Girl Like Moi: Imogene, who loves fashion, lands a summer job with a fashion forecasting agency in New York where she learns to be true to herself and her dreams.

America’s Next Top Model, Taryn Bell
Book 1: Face Value: Four students at Top Model Prep, a modeling school in New York City, compete for success.

Airhead, Meg Cabot
Sixteen-year-old Emerson Watts, an advanced placement student with a disdain for fashion, is the recipient of a “whole body transplant” and finds herself transformed into one of the world’s most famous teen supermodels. Also: Being Nikki

Carter House Girls Series, Melody Carlson
Book 1: Mixed Bags: DJ’s grandmother is a former fashion model who has restored an old mansion and turned it into a boarding house for rich teenage girls who are interested in fashion, presenting DJ with a conflict between retaining her tomboy identity and changing her style, as she decides whether or not to try to fit in.

Flirt Series, Nicole Clarke
Book 1: Write Here, Right Now: Having left her Berkeley, California, home for an eight-week summer internship at a New York City fashion magazine, Mel tries to cope with her new roommates and with city life as she follows her dream of becoming a writer.

Indie Girl, Kavita Daswani
Fifteen-year-old Indie Konkipuddi has always dreamed of becoming a fashion reporter. She’d do anything to land an internship with glamorous Celebrity Style magazine – even babysit publisher Aaralyn Taylor’s two-year-old son. Indie’s neurosurgeon dad can’t understand why Indie would want to spend her weekends picking play-doh off of someone else’s Persian carpets, and pretty soon she starts asking herself the same thing.

Catwalk Series, Deborah Gregory
Book 1: Catwalk: In Manhattan, fifteen-year-old Pashmina forms her team for Fashion International High School’s annual competition to design, produce, and show a fully original clothing line in hopes of winning a real chance at a career in fashion.

Summer Intern, Carrie Karasyov
Through the course of a summer internship at the fashion magazine Skirt, Kira experiences weird roommates, a not-so-perfect romance, an accusation of theft, and continual confrontation with a fellow intern who happens to be the owner’s daughter.

Fendi, Ferragamo, & Fangs, Julie Kenner
Presents, in one continuous story, different points of view of Vamp Modeling, Inc., as three teens–one brilliant and studious, one content to be plump, and one party girl–are selected to be groomed as supermodels, unaware that success depends on their becoming vampires.

Poseur Series, Rachel Maude
Book 1: Poseur: Four prep school girls clash when they try to form their own fashion label for a school assignment, but they ultimately discover that their differences make for surprisingly creative results.

Project Fashion Series, Jasmine Oliver
Book 1: Gucci Girls: Marina, Frankie and Sinead share an apartment while they attend fashion school, and they each pursue their own passions and desires.

Celebutantes Series, Antonio Pagliarulo
Book 1: On the Avenue: When fabulously wealthy sixteen-year-old triplets Lexington, Park, and Madison Hamilton appear to be involved in the murder of a powerful magazine editor, they decide to do some investigating of their own before the police and paparazzi completely ruin their lives.

Violet Series, Melissa Walker
Book 1: Violet on the Runway: Seventeen-year-old Violet Greenfield of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, believes herself too tall and skinny until a top modeling agent gives her the royal treatment in New York City, and Vi suddenly finds herself facing fame, popularity, and the jealousy of her best friends.

So Yesterday, Scott Westerfeld
Hunter Braque, a New York City teenager who is paid by corporations to spot what is “cool,” combines his analytical skills with girlfriend Jen’s creative talents to find a missing person and thwart a conspiracy directed at the heart of consumer culture.