Rave Reviews 2010-Titles for readers in grades 6-21 suggested by a committee of MCLS Teen Services Librarians.

Along for the Ride, Sarah Dessen, 2009

The summer after her senior year, insomniac Auden lives with her father, new step-mother, and newborn half-sister.  She makes friends, spends nights with a boy, and learns truths about herself and her family. (JH)

Carter Finally Gets It, Brent Crawford, 2009

Freshman Carter knows what he wants: girls.  He has no idea how to keep them, or how to impress them, but as the school year goes on, he hilariously learns how to do things for himself instead of to impress others. (JH)

Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins, 2009

After Katniss defies the Capitol, she and Peeta win the Hunger Games.  Katniss thinks her life will then return to normal, but the President refuses to allow her to go unpunished for her defiance, and riots and surprises erupt throughout the land. (JH)

Fat Cat, Robin Brande, 2009

When Cat chooses her own body as a subject of her science experiment, she loses weight and gains new insight into a previously failed friendship with a boy who broke her heart. (JH)

The Forest of Hands and Teeth, Carrie Ryan, 2009

When Mary’s village is attached by the Unconsecrated, she and a handful of others escape into the paths of the Forest.  She hopes it will lead her to the rumored ocean before her party is killed-or turned into Unconsecrated themselves. (H)

If I Stay, Gayle Forman, 2009

On an early morning family drive, Mia’s car is hit by a truck and her family is torn apart.  She remains alert, hovering over her beaten and hospitilized body, trying to decide whether to stay on earth or leave her body behind.  (H)

Marcelo in the Real World, Francisco X. Stork, 2009

Marcelo, who has always gone to a school for kids with special needs due to his Asperger’s-like behavior, is made to work in his father’s law office mail room for the summer. He learns things about the “real world” he’d rather not know– and some things that make him stronger.  (H)

The Maze Runner, James Dashner, 2009

Thomas wakes up with no memeory in the middle of a maze filled with other boys his age.  No one knows how they got there, but they are all trying to find a way out.  (JH)

Once Was Lost, Sara Zarr, 2009

Sam’s mother is in rehab and her father, the town preacher, is having trouble dealing with family reality.  When a young girl goes missing, Sam begins to question her faith.  (MJ)

Summer I Turned Pretty, Jenny Han, 2009

Belly has spent every summer since birth at a beach house with her mom, brother, mom’s bff and her two sons, but the summer that Belly turns 16, she and the boys start seeing each other in a different ways.  (JH)

Tales from Outer Suburbia, Shaun Tan, 2008

Leave the ordinary world behind and immerse yourself in Tan’s magical stories and amazing illustrations.  Meet a tiny alien exchange student, televisions with teeth and neighborhood stick people.  Complex, weird, profound and truly unique! (MJH)

Twenty Boy Summer, Sarah Ockler, 2009

After a year of grieving, Frankie and Anna are determined to spend their California vacation on the beach searching for boys, but a secret Anna has been keeping about Frankies’s brother threatens to get in the way. (H)

Vibes, Amy Kathleen Ryan, 2008

Kristi hides a lot of things: how she feels about her parents’ divorce, her best friend betraying her, and how she feels about the hottest guy in school.  She has secrets, but others don’t …because she can read their minds. (JH)

We Were Here, Matt de la Pena, 2009

Sentenced to a year in a juvenile home, Miguel is angry and unwilling to discuss what happened.  Not caring about much, he agrees to escape with two of his fellow detainees and head to Mexico.  Traveling along the California shoreline, Miguel struggles to accept the reality of his crime.  (H)

What I Saw and How I Lied, Judy Blundell, 2008

Evie’s stepfather brings her family to Florida where she falls for an older man who fought in WWII with her stepfather.  Evie sees and hears things between her parents that she can’t explain, and which culminate to a family tragedy.  (H)

Wintergirls, Laurie Halse Anderson, 2009

When Lia’s ex-best friend dies alone in a motel room, her own anorexia gets worse.  She lies to everyone to hide it, not wanting to live, yet afraid to die.  (H)

These titles have been selected by a committee of Teen Services Librarians in Monroe Cuonty (NY).  Selections were based upon the excellent quality of writing, as well as popular appeal.  Each title includes an age level indicator (M=middle school, J=junior high, and H=high school0.  These and other fine books for teenagers are available through your local library.

2010 MCLS