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Dear 16 year old me

This seems totally appropriate for our wonderful weather. This is not meant to frighten or terrify you, but seriously people. DO NOT go outside without putting on sunscreen and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES go out tanning. Please Please Please. Watch this. This video is about people who were diagnosed or have family who died from Melanoma. We don’t think about this. Yeah, we know not to smoke. Smoking causes cancer. But who thinks about putting on sunscreen when hanging outside? Please think about it now.

You can learn more details about Melanoma here:
Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. It is the leading cause of death from skin disease.
Melanoma can appear on normal skin, or it may begin as a mole or other area that has changed in appearance. Some moles that are present at birth may develop into melanomas.


Got an Itch in your Nose?

It could be a MAGGOT! YAY! Check out the book the video is based on here on Goodreads.

In honor of President’s Day

Many of the libraries in Monroe County will be closed. To check if your library is one of them why not give us a call? Here are all of the libraries’ hours.

If your library is closed, watch this video for while you wait. In this video you can learn all the presidents (through Bill Clinton) as sung by the Animaniacs!

Yay for the Potter Pals

Every other month the teen librarians get together to discuss what’s going on in the wonderful world of the public library. At our last meeting, one of the librarians said that she was going to do a Potter Pals program and another librarian wanted to know more because she hadn’t heard of the Potter Pals. Just in case you hadn’t, you need to watch the Mysterious Ticking Noise!

NPR Music has been great at giving us sneak peeks at new music. This week they’ve posted two new streaming “Exclusive First Listen” items.

The first is a brand new song from the upcoming R.E.M. album, Collapse into Now. The album isn’t due out until March, but you can hear Oh My Heart today.

And the second is a sneak peek at The Decemberists new album, The King is Dead. It will be out January 18th, but in the meantime you can enjoy the entire album or individual tracks at NPR Music.

Look for both albums at the library as soon as they’re released. If you have suggestions for artists or albums MCLS should purchase, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Listen to the Glee Christmas Album

You didn’t think winter would pass without a Glee holiday album, did you!?! Well, it’s out, and you can listen online at JSYK. It looks like the whole album might be here. Check to see if it’s available in your library yet! And have a Gleeful holiday season!!

We need to create videos like this…

And we can post them all up on our site!

I found this: Write It, Film It Video Contest

This video won gold:

The Three Modern Little Bears (Animation) by Jenny B.

and this won silver:

To Catch a Thief (Superhero Action) by Ryan C. & Kishan P.

What’s your favorite Horror?

poor poor poor Snape. So what’s your favorite scary movie?

Okay, so I don’t see the connection between Snape’s sad diary entries and scary movies either, but hey! Potter Pals are fun! Hmm… my favorite scary movie. One of my favorites recently has been:

Rated R for violent content and language.
It is the year 2057, the sun is dying and mankind faces extinction. Earth’s last hope rests with a courageous crew of eight men and women on a mission to ignite the fading star with a massive nuclear weapon. Deep into their voyage, out of radio contact with Earth, their mission begins to unravel and they find themselves fighting not only for their lives, but for the future of us all.
(I really really like the soundtrack)

Technically, this is a “science fiction” movie and not a horror, although there are some pretty gruesome things that happen in it. So I also like this movie:

I Sell the Dead
This is “not rated” but its definitely R rated, and not for the squeamish.
It was a time of ghouls and most ghastly of all, the fine art of grave-robbing. Arthur Blake is a 19th century corpse snatcher, who pilfered the cemeteries and coffins of England until his capture by police. But just before Blake is to meet the hangman’s noose, he will confess to a peculiar priest his gruesome tale of vampires, zombies, and cadaver-dealing that takes him from the savagery of the criminal underworld to the terrors of the undead.

What’s your favorite…

Scary music to listen to?

When I was in high school I loved listening to Marilyn Manson. I guess the music wasn’t horribly scary, but Marilyn Manson was certainly freaky.

See what I mean? heebie jeebies. But hey, to each their own. So… what do you listen to when you want to be scared?

Ah… my high school years!

More fashion blasts from the past. Flannel shirts, cut up jeans and radically dyed hair. Ah, the 90s. So depressing and painful. It sounds like it even hurts for them to talk… to breath even. Its amazing any of us from the 90s survived.

When I was in high school this is what I watched… wow. This is exactly how I sounded when I was in high school… melancholy, rebellious, always upset at my parents… see for yourself!