Cosgrove Middle School 2011 – Summer Reading List For Incoming 6th Graders

*Moon Over Manifest – Clare Vanderpool
Winner of the 2011 John Newbery Medal. Twelve-year-old Abilene Tucker is the daughter of a drifter who, in the summer of 1936, sends her to stay with an old friend in Manifest, Kansas, where he grew up, and where she hopes to find out some things about his past. Abilene is eager to connect to her father’s childhood, a goal that proves difficult. The town of Manifest has become rundown, but is populated with well-developed, kooky characters and has a dynamic past involving the KKK, an influenza scare, and a bootlegging operation. Witty, bold, and curious, Abilene is as unforgettable as the other residents of Manifest, and the variety of voices allows the town’s small mysteries to bloom.

*39 Clues Series – Various Authors
When their beloved aunt–matriarch of the world’s most powerful family–dies, orphaned siblings Amy and Dan Cahill compete with less honorable Cahill descendants in a race around the world to find cryptic clues to a mysterious fortune. In each volume the mysteries keep on comin’! Readers might want to start at the beginning of this extremely popular series with Rick Riordan’s ‘Maze of Bones’, but those who have can choose from any of the series titles including; One False Note, The Sword Thief, Beyond The Grave, The Black Circle, In Too Deep, The Viper’s Nest, The Emperor’s Code, Storm Warning, Into The Gauntlet, or the latest installment; Vespers Rising

When You Reach Me – Rebecca Stead
Winner of the 2010 John Newbery Medal. Four mysterious letters change Miranda’s world forever. By sixth grade, Miranda and her best friend, Sal, know how to navigate their New York City neighborhood. They know where it’s safe to go, like the local grocery store, and they know whom to avoid, like the crazy guy on the corner. But things start to unravel. Sal gets punched by a new kid for what seems like no reason, and he shuts Miranda out of his life. The apartment key that Miranda’s mom keeps hidden for emergencies is stolen. And then Miranda finds a mysterious note scrawled on a tiny slip of paper: I am coming to save your friend’s life, and my own. I must ask two favors. First, you must write me a letter. The notes keep coming, and Miranda slowly realizes that whoever is leaving them knows all about her, including things that have not even happened yet. Each message brings her closer to believing that only she can prevent a tragic death. Until the final note makes her think she’s too late. .

Percy Jackson & The Olympians Series – Rick Riordan
After learning that the father he never knew is Poseidon, God of the Sea, Percy Jackson is transferred from boarding school to Camp Half-Blood, a summer camp for demigods, and becomes involved in a quest to prevent a war between the gods. Includes titles: The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan’s Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, and The Last Olympian.

The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman
The story of Nobody Owens–his adopted name, as he is a small child spared the murderous spree of a terrible assassin, then taken in by a cemetery full of ghosts from assorted centuries. His new ‘family’ attempts to protect him from the assassin who has not given up the quest to kill him. Every adventure as he grows from toddler to teenager mixes wonders and frights and humor. 2008 Newbery winner.

Home of the Brave – Katherine Applegate
A novel written in simple free verse, Home of the Brave is an emotional story about an African war refugee from Sudan named Kek who arrives in the US in the thick of winter in–of all places–Minnesota. His father and brother have been killed, his mother is missing, and he has lost everything about his life that he has ever known. Welcome to America. Through a combination of touching and humorous scenes Applegate allows us to accompany Kek on his journey to find “home.” And, isn’t that something we all want to find?

Schooled – Gordan Korman
Cap (Capricorn) Anderson has been homeschooled by his hippie grandmother in a commune outside of San Francisco, but is forced into public middle school when his grandmother breaks her hip. mart and capable, innocent and inexperienced (he learned to drive on the farm, but he has never watched television), long-haired Cap soon becomes the butt of pranks. He reacts in unexpected ways and, in the end, elevates those around him to higher ground.

Peak – Roland Smith
After Peak Marcello is arrested for scaling a New York City skyscraper, he’s left with two choices: wither away in Juvenile Detention or to go live with his long-lost father, who runs a climbing company in Thailand. But Peak quickly learns that his father’s renewed interest in him has strings attached. Big strings. He wants Peak to be the youngest person to reach the Everest summit—and his motives are selfish at best. Even so, for a climbing addict like Peak, tackling Everest is the challenge of a lifetime. But it’s also one that could cost him his life.

The Thief – Megan Whalen Turner
Newbery Honor Book. Set in a time long ago and far away, this first-person novel tells of a gifted young thief, imprisoned for life, who is offered one chance to win his freedom. If Gen can steal for the king’s magus a legendary stone hidden in a mysterious temple, the magus will set him free. To the magus, Gen is just a tool. But Gen is a trickster and a survivor with a plan of his own.

The Higher Power of Lucky – Susan Patron
Newbery Award Winner 2007. Fearing that her legal guardian plans to abandon her to return to France, ten-year-old aspiring scientist Lucky Trimble determines to run away while also continuing to seek the Higher Power that will bring stability to her life.

One Handed Catch – MJ Auch
After losing his hand in an accident in his father’s butcher shop in 1946, sixth-grader Norman uses hard work and humor to learn to live with his disability and to succeed at baseball, art, and other activities.

Whittington – Alan Armstrong
Newbery Honor Book 2005. In three entertaining plot strands, Ben and his sister listen in as the descendant of Dick Whittington’s cat negotiates a truce between the creatures in their grandfather’s New England barn. The cat and a duck insist that Ben’s sister teach dyslexic Ben to read, with the cat telling tales of his famous ancestor.

Princess Academy – Shannon Hale
Newbery Honor Book 2005 – While attending a strict academy for potential princesses with the other girls from her mountain village, fourteen-year-old Miri discovers unexpected talents and connections to her homeland.

The Sixth Grade Nickname Game – Gordon Korman
Eleven-year-old best friends Jeff and Wiley, who like to give nicknames to their classmates, try to find the right one for the new girl Cassandra, while adjusting to the football coach who has become their new teacher.

Kira-kira – Cynthia Kadohata
Newbery Award Winner 2004 – Chronicles the close friendship between two Japanese-American sisters growing up in rural Georgia during the late 1950s and early 1960s, and the despair when one sister becomes terminally ill.

Silverwing Saga – Kenneth Oppel.
Kenneth Oppel’s award winning, bestselling trilogy of action adventure books featuring the character of Shade, a silverwing bat. The series includes three titles: Silverwing, Sunwing, and Firewing, plus the prequel – Darkwing.

Black Beauty – Anna Sewell
In this classic horse story, Black Beauty tells about his life in 19th century England with both good and bad masters.

Dealing with Dragons – Patricia C. Wrede
Determined not to be pushed into a marriage to a boring and proper prince, Princess Cimorene flees her kingdom looking for excitement, and she becomes an assistant to the dragon Kazul.

The City of Ember – Jeanne DuPrau
The city of Ember, built as a last refuge for the human race, is now decaying and the people who live there are starving. If Lina and Doon can decipher a message, perhaps they can save their city! Part mystery, part adventure, and all science fiction!

The Boy Who Saved Baseball – John H. Ritter
The fate of a small California town rests on the outcome of one baseball game, and Tom Gallagher hopes to lead his team to victory with the secrets of the now disgraced player, Dante Del Gato.

Locomotion – Jaqueline Woodson
Inspired by his teacher, eleven-year-old Lonnie begins to write about his life in a series of poems in which h discusses his feelings about his friends, his foster mom, his little sister Lili, and the death of his parents.

Search for The Shadowman – Joan Lowery Nixon
While working on a genealogy project for his seventh grade history class, Andy Bonner becomes determined to solve the mystery surrounding a distant relative who was accused of stealing the family fortune.

Crispin Cross of Lead – Avi
Falsely accused of theft and murder, an orphaned peasant boy in fourteenth-century England flees his village and meets a larger-than-life juggler who holds a dangerous secret. Newbery Winner 2002.

Ashes of Roses – Mary Jane Auch
Sixteen-year-old Rose Nolan arrives on Ellis Island in 1911 in the hopes of starting a new life, but after most of her family is sent back to Ireland, she must find her own way in a new country and fend for herself and her younger sister.

Numbering The Bones – Ann Rinaldi
Thirteen-year-old Eulinda, a house slave on a Georgia plantation in 1864, turns to Clara Barton, the eventual founder of the American Red Cross, for help in finding her brother Neddy who ran away to join the Northern war effort and is rumored to be at Andersonville Prison.

Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident – Eoin Colfer
When a twelve-year-old evil genius tries to restore his family fortune by capturing a fairy and demanding a ransom in gold, the fairies fight back with magic, technology, and a particularly nasty troll.

*Indicates a new addition to the list—List prepared by H. Enis, School Library Media Specialist-Cosgrove Middle School, Spencerport, NY

Cosgrove Middle School 2009 Cool and Breezy: Light Reads For Incoming 6th Graders

*Turtle in Paradise- Jenifer Holm
In 1935, when her mother gets a job housekeeping for a woman who does not like children, eleven-year-old Turtle is sent to stay with relatives she has never met in far away Key West, Florida. Florida’s like nothing Turtle has ever seen. It’s hot and strange, full of wild green peeping out between houses, ragtag boy cousins, and secret treasure. Before she knows what’s happened, Turtle finds herself coming out of the shell she has spent her life building, and as she does, her world opens up in the most unexpected ways.

*Football Genius – Tim Green
Troy White has a phenomenal gift. He can predict football plays before they happen. Any position. Any player. Any team. When Troy’s single mom gets a job working in public relations for the Atlanta Falcons, Troy figures it’s his chance to prove what he can do. But first he has to “get” to the Falcons–and with tight security and a notoriously mean coach, even his mom’s field passes aren’t much help. Then Troy and his best friends devise a plan to get the attention of star linebacker Seth Halloway. With Seth’s playing and Troy’s genius, the Falcons could be unstoppable–if they’ll only listen.

Swindle – Gordon Korman
After a mean collector named Swindle cons him out of his most valuable baseball card, Griffin Bing must put together a band of misfits to break into Swindle’s compound and recapture the card. There are many things standing in their way — a menacing guard dog, a high-tech security system, a very secret hiding place, and their general inability to drive — but Griffin and his team are going to get back what’s rightfully his . . . even if hijinks ensue.

Out Standing In My Field – Patrick Jennings
Fifth-grader Ty Cutter, named after baseball great Ty Cobb, has lots of enthusiasm for the game but very little talent, which makes life difficult for him and his father who is coach of Ty’s team.

101 Ways To Bug Your Parents – Lee Wardlaw
When his parents call off the family vacation and enroll their son in a creative writing class instead, twelve-year-old Steve comes up with a wacky moneymaking project.

101 Ways to Bug Your Teacher – Lee Wardlaw
Steve “Sneeze” Wyatt attempts to thwart his parents’ plan to have him skip eighth grade, but he has bigger problems when his friends disapprove of his new list and Mrs. “Fierce” Pierce threatens to keep him from the Invention Convention.

Granny Torrelli Makes Soup – Sharon Creech
With the help of her wise old grandmother, twelve-year-old Rosie manages to work out some problems in her relationship with her best friend, Bailey, the boy next door.

Among The Hidden Series – Margaret Peterson Haddix
In a future where the Population Police enforce the law limiting a family to only two children, Luke has lived all his twelve years in isolation and fear on his family’s farm, until another “third” convinces him that the government is wrong.

A Year Down Yonder – Richard Peck
During the depression of 1937, fifteen-year-old Mary Alice is sent to live with her feisty, grandmother. A 2001 Newbery Award Winner.

Interstellar Pig – William Sleator
Barney’s boring seaside vacation suddenly becomes more interesting when the cottage next door is occupied by three exotic neighbors who are addicted to a game they call “Interstellar Pig.”

Jason’s Gold – Will Hobbs
When news of the discovery of gold in Canada’s Yukon Territory in 1897 reaches fifteen-year-old Jason, he embarks on a 10,000-mile journey to strike it rich.

Bad Girl Blues – by Sally Warner
At the beginning of the sixth grade, twelve-year-old Quinney starts volunteering at a shelter for stray animals and tackles some tough issues about loyalty and friendship when her former best friend Marguerite appears to be turning into a “bad girl.”

Sammy Keyes and The Art of Deception – Wendelin Van Draanen
Seventh-grade sleuth Sammy Keyes investigates mysterious happenings at a local art gallery.

*Indicates a new addition to the list—List prepared by H. Enis, School Library Media Specialist-Cosgrove Middle School, Spencerport, NY