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Ray Bradbury turned 91 last Monday.  The writer who says he was “raised in libraries” wrote a work of genius warning of a future in which books are so dangerous that they are  burned. Where did he write it? In a library, of course, at UCLA, working on a rented typewriter.”  (LA Times 8/25/11)

Reading this, I think that I received my first library card when I was five.  Ms. Borrie, the librarian, had to see that I could write my name.  She and the other librarians at the Highland Branch put up with my sisters and I going to the library daily for years and years. They gave us book recommendations, friendly smiles and wonderful programs. They encouraged and helped my sisters when we were in search of what to do with our lives. Two of us eventually became pages (shelving books) in high school and then clerks (checking out books) while we were in college. They were an integral part in helping us chose our careers. Librarians! I’m a teen librarian and my sister is an adult librarian. My youngest sister must have read books that were a lot more impressive than the ones her big sisters read because later in September she will be presenting her dissertation to her peers so that she can finally have her PhD in experimental Nuclear Physics. That’s right. Without libraries (and our parents) I don’t think that we could have ever gotten as far as we did.

Now it your turn! How about you guys?  Anyone feel like they’ve “raised in the library?” Anyone want to be raised in the library? What do you think your librarian should do that would help you and guide you along your way?


Let’s Visit Maplewood Branch!

Things are blooming at the Maplewood Branch! Let’s see what it is.
Here’s how you can get there.
And here’s when you’ll be able to get in there!

Plus check out this awesome grant that Maplewood is trying to get to help immigrants in their area. VOTE NOW!

Look at the bee-U-tiful flowers! What a great way to start our trip.

Thank goodness for you Monty Monkey! He’s going to show us how to get where we need to be.

Always a group favorite, the comic books!

Monty wanted to make sure everyone got some exercise before leaving.

Fhew! That was a workout!