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More antics at Irondequoit

They next traveled to the Evans Branch of the Irondequoit library. The librarians tried to calm them down, but the excitement of the summer was just too much.
Here we are on the map.
And here you can find our hours and much more.

So as soon as these little troublemakers got out of their traveling box, they found an even more exciting box to get into. Summer Reading prizes! Yay!

Tomo Picatso knew better than to be naughty, at least at his own library he would behave. 🙂 That’s why he decided to read a story to one of his friends.

The rest of the group decided that it would be very educational to watch the vlogbrothers before they had to leave.

As usual, it was important to rest before their next trip.


Some of the mascots got a little too excited at the McGraw Library in East Irondequoit. But before we get to that, Maxi McGraw would like to give you a couple of handy details.
Here we are on the map.
Here’s when we’re open and a couple more details about the library.

Anyway, onto why things are batty at McGraw. Apparently Maxi’s friend Batty from Brighton took one look at the library and immediately took flight.

Some of his friends got on top of the shelves to get him down, but he liked it where he was so while they were there, they checked out the books.

Other friends couldn’t be bothered with him so they played games instead.

Maxi watched on, amused by his friends antics.

Finally, pooped out, everyone sat and waited for their next destination.

Hey there Zero, the Lion hero of the Sully Branch! Are you going to introduce us and your new friends to your library?
Here we are on the map.
Here’s when you can visit us.
And here’s how much fun my new friends and I had at the library!

First let me show you our comic books!

Then I showed some of my friends our paperbacks.

Here I am getting comfy with some of my new friends!

And now its time to say goodbye to my friends as I go on my travels.

All summer long the fluffy (or not so fluffy) guys that you’ve been viewing will be traveling throughout the Monroe County Library System checking out all the fabulous libraries that many of us may never see.

Here is a list of all the libraries with mascots:
1. Brighton Memorial Library
2. Brockport-Seymour Library
3. Central Library (Teen Center)
4. Charlotte Branch
5. Chili Public Library
6. Fairport Public Library
7. Gates Public Library
8. Greece Public Library
9. Greece – Barnard Crossing Branch
10. Henrietta Public Library
11. Highland Branch
12. Irondequoit – Helen McGraw Branch
13. Irondequoit – Pauline Evans Branch
14. Lincoln Branch
15. Ogden Farmers’ Library
16. Parma Public Library
17. Penfield Public Library
18. Phillis Wheatley Community Library
19. Pittsford Community Library
20. Sully Branch
21. Webster Public Library

MEHNDI at Penfield

Mehndi artist Meena Ross stopped by Penfield Library on Wednesday night to apply some amazing temporary henna tattoos to the wrists and ankles of 20 teens! Check out the photos! She will be at some other MCLS libraries this summer. So check the teen program schedule at your favorite library!

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What a hoot!

The teens at the Lincoln Branch chose an awesome mascot with a sweet name! Please meet Professor Hootie. Got questions? He knows the answer! In trouble? He’ll be the first to lend a helping wing. Not sure what to read? His eyes can scan the bookshelves for a good book even faster than a librarian!

Salsa Dance, Crochet at Penfield Library!

Two exciting programs are coming up at Penfield Public Library! Of course these are FREE (thanks to the Friends of PPL)!!

Learn to SALSA DANCE on Wednesday, July 13 at 7:00 pm. You’ve seen it on TV- salsa dancing is hot! Learn some basic moves in this no-pressure, fun class taught by an Inikori Dance Studios instructor. No dance experience is necessary!! Wear loose, comfortable clothing and hard-bottomed or dance shoes. Dessert will be served.  SIGN-UP is required- call 585-340-8720 or go to and select “Program sign-up.”

Learn to CROCHET in 2 beginner level classes on Mondays, July 11 & 18 at 7:00 pm. Then, take it to the next level and sign up to CROCHET A FRENCH BERET on Wednesday, July 20 at 7:00 pm. This is part of “France week” at the library so we will be serving French pastries as well. SIGN-UP TODAY!

What’s Livingston squawking about?

Sorry Livingston, this bird’s got as much right to the books as you have.

Oh no, I think not. He’s hopping mad to get to the library so he can pick up books to take with him on vacation.

Do you think he’ll let me borrow his card?

Somehow by the look on his face, I think the answer is no.

Name:  Super Seymour

Bio:  Super Seymour lived in China as a celebrated spirit of wealth and fortune.  He was an avid thief, specializing in food and books.  He traveled to America, hearing that there was a surplus of both.  He made his headquarters in a small town known as Brockport, New York.  On a late night raid in the Brockport Seymour Library, he was discovered by a group of teen volunteers who were having an all-night sleepover.  He was welcomed to stay, which meant he could stop his thieving ways.  He only needed one thing, a library card.  He could borrow all of the books he wanted for free.  He even got his own iPhone, to download ebooks and to listen to his favorites, Eminem, Beastie Boys and Usher.  He’s perfectly happy living on the Mountain Dew, pizza crusts and Pocky leftover from teen programs.  He likes to hang out with his friends in the BRATS and the TLC.  The library teens liked him so much, they decided to make him their mascot, a position he will hold for the rest of eternity.