Batty flew ahead to find out where the teen section was, but while we wait, why don’t you find your way here too?
Here’s how you can get there.
Here’s their hours and programs.

Batty! You found the teen section! Good for you!

These guys are a hoot. They didn’t have any trouble finding a book about one of their famous cousins.

Hey! Who pinned you poor guys to the wall? That wasn’t very nice of them! Oh you had something that they wanted? Well I can think of some better ways to get what you want.

Ah ha! So that’s what you guys wanted! Well, I guess I can’t blame you too much. I loved that book too.

What are you doing up there all by yourself? They want to play hide and go seek? Do you think its a good idea to run around and play games in the library? Oh the librarian let you, just this once? hmmm… I’m not so sure about that.

Guys, I don’t know if its a very good hide and seek game if you hide in the same place!

That game really tired you out, didn’t it? Oh, well don’t worry about it. Almost time to go anyway. Just rest a little here.