Somehow by the look on his face, I think the answer is no.

Name:  Super Seymour

Bio:  Super Seymour lived in China as a celebrated spirit of wealth and fortune.  He was an avid thief, specializing in food and books.  He traveled to America, hearing that there was a surplus of both.  He made his headquarters in a small town known as Brockport, New York.  On a late night raid in the Brockport Seymour Library, he was discovered by a group of teen volunteers who were having an all-night sleepover.  He was welcomed to stay, which meant he could stop his thieving ways.  He only needed one thing, a library card.  He could borrow all of the books he wanted for free.  He even got his own iPhone, to download ebooks and to listen to his favorites, Eminem, Beastie Boys and Usher.  He’s perfectly happy living on the Mountain Dew, pizza crusts and Pocky leftover from teen programs.  He likes to hang out with his friends in the BRATS and the TLC.  The library teens liked him so much, they decided to make him their mascot, a position he will hold for the rest of eternity.