What are you going to do with your summer? Don’t know yet?
Why not find out what this guy will be doing over the summer at different public libraries!

Zero lived in China in a very tiny hut in a very tiny village. When he turned 17 years old, he decided it was time to travel. He had heard of this place called Atlantic City, in the land of New Jersey.  Zero packed his purple suitcases with his most cherished belongings. First was his collection of horror movies, his pop cds. He even had room to bring the manga series Bleach with him! He traveled by planes, trains and automobiles to the land of New Jersey. He boarded one final train to take him to Atlantic City and immediately fell asleep. It felt like moments that he was sleeping, but actually, it was hours when he finally woke up. He peered out the windows expecting to see seagulls and taffy shops, but instead, all he saw was a city sign stating that he was in Rochester. And to make things worse, his suitcases were gone! He wandered around Rochester alone for days without any of his belongings.  As soon as the homesickness reached its peak he stumbled into the Sully Branch Library. He had nothing left to fear, he found everything he lost within the walls of the library… And even though there was no saltwater taffy, he did find  a beach and many friends to hang out there with.