Those eyes! That mouth! You won’t hurt me (or steal my books) will you?

Irondequoit Public Library – Pauline Evans Branch

Library Mascot, Tomo Picatso

Tomo Picatso was born on Atlantis around 1836. Not much is known about his early life. It is believed he swam to Rochester, showing up on the banks of Lake Ontario in the town of Irondequoit around 1850. Tomo has lived in the teen section of the Pauline Evans branch of the Irondequoit Library since its doors opened in 1963.  He is an avid reader, and has finished every single teen book in the library. He really really likes romance novels, and his favorite author is Meg Cabot. If you are looking for a good book, Tomo is the guy to ask. He recently began acting. His first movie, “Nuns with Guns”, is coming to a theater near you this fall and is expected to be an enormous hit. Tomo is a very modest man, and says that, regardless of his future success on the big screen, he will stay at the library to read and recommend books to the teens of Irondequoit.