Will I be smarter by being in your company? Maybe just from being surrounded by all those books.

Name:                     Barnard the Barred Owl

Habitat:                Stacks at Barnard Crossing Branch Library

Travel:                  Dewey Ave bus line, flying

Likes:                     Late hours at the library


Dislikes:                Large Print

Bright lights


Nobody knows for sure how old Barnard the Barred Owl is; only that he has always been here.  It’s almost as if this building on Dewey Ave was built for a library.  Sure, it has been other things through the years, but Barnard has always held reign waiting for the day when the building would be filled with books and people.  He can be elusive, often keeping a watchful eye while hiding out of sight in the library. Regulars have come to know and love him and seek out his sage advice and exemplary book and movie suggestions.  He loves watching the kids run to the fish tank to look for their favorite fish and has come to appreciate the calming gurgle of the filter.  Barnard is excited about traveling the county this summer to visit other libraries, but a bit apprehensive about being away for so long.  He knows that he will return to his beloved home with new ideas and some memorable stories.