I didn’t know you were allowed to stand on the shelves in the library! You’re not? Well won’t you get in trouble? Oh, the teen librarian made an exception for you? Well in that case….

Name: Cozymonster

Cozymonster lives in the Parma Public Library.  Well, most of the time.  When he’s not at the library, he’s traveling the world, looking for hidden treasure, strange animals, and healthy fast food restaurants.  Though he hasn’t found one yet, he’s sure that one day he will stumble upon a unicorn or even a burger under 400 calories.  He lives with his pet slug, Purple Pumpkin, and they often take vacations to Fiji, traveling on Cozymonster’s pirate ship (that’s shaped like a walrus).  Cozymonster’s favorite food is sweet potatoes filled with carrots and oranges-which is why he is orange.  He used to be blue, but he ate so much orange food that he turned orange!  Cozymonster loves to play games like Star Wards or Apples to Apples and hopes one day he can play with you.