Are you in love with sports? Are you a girl? Are you a girl in love with sports? 🙂 While exploring sports fiction for girls, I found these “pretty tough” (the system owns #1 Pretty Tough #2 Playing with the Boys and #3 Head Games) books. While looking for more, the back cover of one of the books told me to check out the website Pretty Tough.

Here’s more about the website:
Breaking barriers, fighting the good fight; that’s why as little girls we were told we could do anything boys could do, and likely do it better. Well here’s to all the girls (and women) who are busting stereotypes – those who prove every day they’re “Pretty Tough.”
Today girls surf 20 foot waves, dunk basketballs, do huge airs on vert ramps, beat guys on the motor track, and more.
Pretty Tough has been established as a voice for girls who kick butt on and off the field, the track, the slopes and elsewhere. We want to draw attention to the strengths girls possess and inspire them to feel beautiful because of their incredible abilities. We make strength and courage attractive and accessible to all girls – competitors, spectators, fans or simply those looking to get involved. Whether you’re looking for information or inspiration, you’ll find it here.