Okay. I admit it. I read kids books. Picture books and chapter books… not usually easy readers, but there are some really cute ones that I have a hard time putting down. (Elephant & Piggie, you know I mean you!) In fact, I have a hard time putting down anything that Mo Willems has written. I’m a goofy kinda kids books reader. I like the silly ones with lots of bright colors and TONS of nonsense.  Here’s a list of some of the picture books that I’ve read. My chapter book choices aren’t as ridiculous, but I think many authors think that you should be more serious the older that you get. (HAH!)

Anyway, to the point. I found a simply delightfully ridiculous chapter book called The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.

Here’s my review:

What a fun little bit of silliness. There have been many times where I would have loved having an origami Yoda of my own… in fact, in the back of the book there are directions so that I CAN make my own! Yippee!

Dwight, the unique (although unique is really an understatement) and strange boy in the sixth grade, makes an origami Yoda. This Yoda seems to have a mind of his own. He makes predictions and gives advice that almost always works out for the best.

Some of the kids in his class are trying to figure out if its all nonsense or if Yoda can really predict everything. That’s when one of the kids in Dwight’s class decides to put together a file of all the things that Yoda predicts.

Is it really Yoda? Or is it Dwight, acting weird as usual?