Oh Harry Harry Harry. Why is it that people think you shouldn’t be read? In fact Harry is the seventh most challenged book out of the top hundred books challenged between 1990-2000. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve only read the first couple Harry books, but from what I’ve read, compared to other books I’ve read, this is nothing.

Looking it up, according to this article, the three biggest reasons Harry is challenged are:


2. HARRY and his friends are naughty and set a bad example for other kids

3. they’re too SCARY

I can answer why these are silly reasons to ban a book with the same answer for all. People reading at this reading comprehension level should know that: magic is pretend, just because the kids act wacky doesn’t mean that we need to, and while the books are scary in some parts, they’re just pretend and nothing is going to hurt you.

The Harry Potter series may be one of the most popular book series of all time because: the whole family is reading together, people who don’t like reading find themselves unable to stop reading, and even years after the last book has been written, people are still talking about them with as much enthusiasm as when they first read them.

What could be wrong with that?