Hello from the Monroe Branch! This is Jen. I just had to take a few minutes and toot Monroe’s horn because I adore my library!

What I love about the Monroe Branch is that when you walk in you actually feel like you are in a library. We are an old, historical (and at times hysterical!) building with high ceilings, arched windows, built-in wooden shelves and even a ghost or two floating around the attic. We have a fireplace downstairs in the children’s room and a large, stately giraffe named Artichokie full of colorful pictures for kids to play I Spy. (Just don’t sit on Artichokie or try to ride her unless you want to break her legs, and along with them, the heart of our children’s librarian!)

Monroe is the library where you would find Edgar Allan Poe writing his heart out under the gleam of our large, beautiful spider web mirror. (I seriously love this mirror. I want one at my house.) We even have a black raven perched on top of the fiction shelves looking down at us thoughtfully. If you really listen closely, you can hear him squawking, “Nevermore!”

Monroe is the kind of library that makes you want to break out a copy of Wuthering Heights and curl up in a corner for a few hours. There is a feeling of stepping back in time and being introduced to the classics all over again. You can almost hear their spirits whispering  secrets of a long ago time. There is an atmosphere at Monroe that inspires me.

Monroe also used to be the home to a library cat that wandered around and befriended patrons. Sadly, with the whole no animals allowed in the library policy of our modern times, our only official library pet is now Artichokie. As giraffes go, she is awesome. Just not quite the same as a living, breathing, shedding kind of pet!

So there you have it. A  completely unbiased look at what makes the Monroe Branch Library toot-worthy. Come in and see for yourself! We’ll be waiting for you…