Hi! Cathy from Chili here. There are a couple of pretty awesome things about our library.

1. Our staff is Über friendly. 🙂 (BTW, according to Wikipedia, Über means over and above)
2. We have a cozy teen area with a cool table that has legs made from books.
3. We have a fireplace which we turn on during those cold and dreary winter months.
4. We have a massive collection of comic books thanks to one of our librarians (not me, although I wish I could take credit).
5. We have started to use QR codes in some of our decorating.
6. We have a neon sign in the teen area.
7. We have a Wii and Rock Band, as well as a ton of board games.
8. We have a lovely community maintained garden.
9. We are right next to train tracks, which is awesome if you’re 5, but not so awesome if you’re already late to work. 🙂
10. And of course the best thing is (besides me and the books) we have a coffee bar, which smells absolutely wonderful in the morning!

Okay librarians! What do you love about your libraries? What makes you stand out and special?
I haven’t forgotten you guys either. As a teen coming into the library, what cool things do you love about your library?