Today’s my last day in my Day in the Life. 😦 I know you’ll be sad that you can’t read about the minutia (trivial details) of my library life. Today is pretty full.

This morning its REFERENCE REFERENCE REFERENCE, although its been pretty quiet, which means I still might be able to get something done besides answering all your wonderful and quirky questions! 🙂

This afternoon we’ll be showing a movie and eating lots of yummy buttery artery clogging popcorn.

We’ll be showing: The Iron Giant

Voices of Jennifer Aniston, Harry Connick Jr., Christopher McDonald
Warner Bros.; Directed by Brad Bird
Rated PG; 86 minutes; 1999
A giant metal robot falls to the earth, scaring the townsfolk of a small town in Maine in 1958. After befriending a boy named Hogarth, the unlikely duo ultimately saves the residents from their own fears and prejudices. Based on Ted Hughes 1968 novel The Iron Man.

Check out the trailer here: