Wow. Another day has blown by!

I started my day by grocery shopping! 🙂 I needed to buy supplies for tomorrow’s program… CHOCOLATE FONDUE! Yum! We’ll have chocolate fondue (with marshmallows, pretzels, sugar cookies and strawberries) and we’ll watch Ghostbusters.

Then I waited patiently for people to show up for my program: Home Videos: What creative gems have you got hidden on your camera? Come and share your PG films!

And waited. And waited. And waited. Then I stopped waiting.

I prepared for my Junior Friends group meeting. Thank you Hannah for showing up. 🙂 We talked about creating a promotional video for the library and looked at examples of fun library videos that have already been created.

This evening I was on the reference desk and WOW. The time just flew by. I helped a bunch of people find summer reading (look now before they’re all checked out!), I helped people find travel guides and I helped people find home maintenance books.

Now we just have five minutes before closing, so I’m typing away while I can. See you guys tomorrow bright and early!