Summer Splash-Off the Chili Public Library against the Gates Public Library
For teens between 11-18 years old

This summer the Chili Public Library teens will be competing against the Gates Public Library teens to see who can read the most books!

Between June 28th and August 6th read as many books as you can! For each book you read, you will be entered into our weekly drawings. We will also be keeping track of total numbers of books each library reads.

At the end of the competition the winning library will have a trophy to display.

Go to our summer reading blog or come into the library for more information.

Mini Competitions

Weeks One and Two
The first contest is a photo contest. Photos should be water related and cannot contain people’s faces. Upload your photos to the blog, or bring them in for us to upload for you. Photos need to be submitted by July 9. Once photos are all submitted, vote on your favorite one the and person whose photo gets the most votes will get a prize!!

Weeks Three and Four
The second contest is an artwork contest. Artwork must be in a format that can be scanned or, for 3-D artwork, a photo can be taken of it and uploaded. Upload the art image yourself or bring the image in for us to upload for you. Artwork needs to be submitted no later than July 23. Once all the artwork is submitted, the voting can begin. Again, there will be a prize awarded to the person whose artwork receives the most votes.

Weeks Five and Six
The final contest is a poetry contest. You can upload poetry to the blog, send us an email with your poem or bring in your flash drive or floppy and we can load them for you. And, you guessed it, poems should be water related. Poems must be submitted by August 6. Once all the poems are up, voting can take place. The person whose poem receives the most votes will win a prize.