Remember, Sunday is father’s day and I’m sure they would really appreciate being treated a little special on Sunday.

Some ideas:
1. Make him a thank you card! Thank him for all the special things he does for you… driving you to practices, staying up late to proof a paper, helping you with a homework problem.
2. Give him a hug. I know, I know. Not too manly, but every once in a while I think its okay to hug your dad.
3. Spend some time talking to him. Set aside some you and dad time. Let him know what’s going on in your live and make some time to find out what he’s up to when he’s at work.
4. Mow the lawn or clean up the dishes without complaint. Do some household chore that you know your dad has to do (and hates) and help him out once.

Anything else you can think of?